Team Outing Ideas for Corporate Events

Is there a corporate event coming up? Were you in charge by your boss to plan for the event? Executing plans for an event might be hard, but with the crazy ideas that you have and the help from your colleagues, you might just be able to have a successful corporate event. Before anything else, you must first pick a venue for the event. It is the best idea to find out how many employees are going to the event so you will know the size of the venue that you are going to rent. If you are looking for a reception venue Brisbane has to offer, you can check Lightspace and find out about their amenities. Now that you have an idea where you can have a corporate function venue hire, it is time to check a couple of ideas that will make your event memorable.

Karaoke Night

If your company has about 20-30 employees, you might want to consider going to a karaoke bar. It is a great way to end the busy week that has been filled with nothing but workload. Karaoke bars usually have the best reception venue Brisbane has; just make sure you get to take turns with the microphone.

Dinner Party

Corporate events usually have dinner parties to celebrate any type of occasion in the company. It usually has catering services and a bar with unlimited drinks. Some options for a reception venue Brisbane has now make a great place to have dinner parties with colleagues. You can add a couple of fun activities during the party where everyone can enjoy. If you want to know any Brisbane Party Venue Hire, you might want to look into Lightspace.

Room Escape

What better way to strengthen the bond with your colleagues than to join a room escape challenge? It may not be a place where you can dine and talk with your colleagues like the reception venue Brisbane has, but at least you get to build teamwork by answering puzzles and riddles. This is a fun way to have a team building and to release the stress and negativity in the office. Click here reception venue Brisbane for more details.


Do you feel like you and your colleagues have not seen the light of day? You are probably working from 9-5 and the only time you’ll be able to see the sun is when you are about to go to work and when your shift is done. Why not take advantage of the outdoors and grab those paddles? There should be a pond or river that has kayaking/canoeing activities.

Costume Party

The best thing about costume parties is that you get to be whoever you want to be together with a specified theme for the event. You can associate the theme of your party with the occasion that your company is celebrating. For instance, you work for a game development company celebrating its anniversary – you might want to tell your colleagues to dress up their favorite gaming character. As for the corporate function venue hire Brisbane has, there’s got to be a place that caters your party needs. For more details, visit at