Marquees – a viable option as against party halls

If you are hosting a moderate or small party, you can consider hosting an open air party. But, sometimes it may turn out that either due to severe weather conditions or for some other extraneous reasons, you would need a covering for the venue of the party. Here comes the importance of Marquees, which are nothing but unique PVC shelters. This is why many people are opting for Marquee Hire in Sydney, and it is becoming one of the most popular options for hosting parties.

Easy to install:

The marquees provide complete protection from sun and rain. They are available in different sizes, design, color and shade. As already said, marquees are made of Polyvinyl Chloride fabric popularly called as PVC. They are made in varying thickness depending on the size and the type of marquee. The size of a marquee you choose depends on the floor area available in any given place. It is very easy to install them and when you hire them you would notice that marquees are being installed within a matter of about half an hour to one hour. But then of course it depends on the size and the type of marquee you hire.

Water and power supply:

When you hire a marquee, you must ensure that water supply and electricity services are available within a reasonable distance from the place where a marquee is installed. The other issues relevant to marquee hire in Sydney are briefly discussed here:

·        When you hire a marquee, you must ensure that it is securely installed. The marquee must be of good quality, and it should not leak when it rains.

·        When you avail services of marquee hire in Sydney, you can also hire furniture and other accessories like tables, catering equipment, linen, glassware and such other materials. In fact, you can even include the task of decorating the interior and exterior of the marquee and also the task of illumination and water supply and such tasks along with the Marquee hire contract.

·        Apart from parties, marquees are normally installed during school/college sports events where players and guests are accommodated. Marquees are available in different designs like pinnacles, multi apex, square and rectangle and so on. The type of marquee depends on the number of guests and such other factors.

·        The rental of marquees is charged on an hourly basis. It also depends on other issues like the type of marquee you hire, the duration and also other services that you may hire from the same marquee hire company. It is said hiring a marquee is considerably inexpensive as against hiring a party hall.

·        If you are holding the party in the midst of a garden or such other places, you must make sure the floor is leveled and covered appropriately to prevent dust.  Of course, the marquee hire company undertakes this task. Check out Dan Hadley Adelaide

Make an estimation of the guests:

It may be a wedding party, homecoming party, birthday, prom party; in short irrespective of the type of party to be hosted, a marquee could be one of the most viable options. But, before you decide to hire the marquee, you must get a comprehensive estimation of the number of guests attending the party. This will help you choose an appropriate marquee that can accommodate the guests you have invited.